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AX44 EXTENSION CABLE - how to make it....Or you can buy one from me!

The extension cable does indeed work as verified by members of the DSP users group!
I sent a basic prototype to a chap in the UK(thanks to Reggie!) who has thoroughly tested it.

1- Yamaha sez " you can't make it any longer than the factory cable of 14 inches"
    maximum possible length you can make it is unknown. To find out you must make
    one that is "for sure" too long and keep cutting it shorter till it works! I will only
    make them to 32 inches since this is long enough to get the AX44 out of and next
    to a Mac/PC and has been proven to work. The problem is not timing or latency
    as the fastest signal coming/going to the AX44 is 2.88 mhz (thanks to George!)
    so at that length it is the induction/capacitance of the cable rounding the edges
    of signals since the AX44 does not have genuine "line driver" type ckts on the
    connector in's and outs.

2- The cable I make as of now is a "Lost in Space" looking thing. I use flat IDC
    Ribbon and generic keyless connectors with a meaty self adhesive aluminum
    foil wrap (same as used by TelCo's to shield splices and junctions) with a layer
    of clear plastic over that. A fancy -er one can be made with round packed
    ribbon wire (it is a ribbon that is folded and covered with a shield an a plastic
    jacket so it looks like any SCSI /printer cable) Trouble is there is reason to believe
    that the folding action will increase crosstalk and capacitance and so - may well
    limit the maximum length compared to flat cable. there is a Flat shielded cable
    available as well.

3- You need power for the AX44 so you must either put it in an external case with
   a little supply - like the ones for a CDROM drive - or make and extension of the
   power splitter that went to it when you had it inside the case! Extending the
   MOLEX connector "Y" power splitter (you can buy them at Radio Shack)
   is pretty easy (if you can solder) just get some 18 or 20 ga. stranded wire
   and splice it in between the drive-end of the connector and the rest of the "Y".
   If you had enough taps on your PWR supply to directly plug in - I suggest
   you still buy the splitter rather than cut up the tap on your supply!