Cables For The DSP Factory

l offer: The little shorty cable that
joins cards ($17.00 each USD)

The special "No Shared Busses" shorty with pins 1 and 3 disconnected at BOTH ends to give you 16 independent outputs from your 2 card setup ($25 ea or 2 for $40.00)

Extra long shielded shorty for systems (like mine) where the best slots are just too far apart for the Yamaha stock cable ($20.00)

The standard AX16/AX44 cable for
inside the Mac/PC use ($22.00 USD each)


The Extender cable to externalize
your AX44 and use it with a G4!
- shielded and cut to the proven
30 inches length.

($37.00 USD each)


All will have polarized key ends and the "ferrite
choke" except the external (due to full shield choke
is not necessary)


This does not include whatever shipping it takes
to get a cable to you - In the U.S. - USPS Priority

Mail shipping is $4.50. But they don't weigh much
so I expect international shipping is not too much .

Just Email ""



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