This page and the list is in its fifth revision (1/3/2010) and will (hopefully) evolve.


Some backround:
This card is pretty old now and is getting tough to work in with newer hardware
It can work with Windows98/SE , Windows NT4, 2000, XP, (will add Mac info)

It was introduced in 1998!

The DSP Factory is very responsive to the particulars of the chipset
on your motherboard. Getting a board with one of the well tested chipsets is a good
bet even if the board is not on this list! Avoid boards with the VIA KT 133 , Nvidia
NFORCE 2, chipsets. Yes there are workable NFORCE 2 boards but not many!

Also: some folks report you must disable hyperthreading on dual CPU setups like
a dual Xeon /intel mobo.



This is the list so far:

Abit KG-7 RAID but ONLY with later edition AMD 761 northbridge
Abit KT7A (VIA KT133A chipset) running NT4/2000/XPPro
Abit BH7 mobo (845PE chipset)
Abit IC7 (I875P chipset)
Abit AAX8XE 3rd eyd i925XE chipset
Asus P4C800 De Luxe
ASUS AV600-X VIA KT600 chipset with XP Pro
ASrock939Dual motherboard
Asus P4P800 & P4P800 deluxe
ASROCK 775i65G
Biostar M7MIA
ECS K7S5A board (SiS 735 chipset)BIOS v1.1 (v1.4 breaks)
Gigabyte K8NS PRO/DDR 400 ( nForce 3 chipset)
Gigabyte GA71XE (AMD 751 chipset) running NT4/2000/XPPro
Gigabyte GA7VAXP Ultra (KT400 chipset) running NT4/2000/XPPro
Gigabyte GA8iPE775G
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G
Gigabyte K8NSC-939
Gigabyte K8NSC Ultra 939
Lenovo ThinkCentre A58
MSI K8T NEO with VIA KT800 chipset
MSI K8N Neo Platinum (nForce3 250gb chipset), Windows XP SP1 (SP2 breaks),
MSI KT2 Combo
Soltek k8tpro-939 VIA KT800 chipset
using Athlon 64 bit 3500+
SL-85DR2-C Socket 478 Mainboard Intel 845E series


That matters more than the brand of Mobo


Email me with any mobo you have that you know from your own DIRECT personal experience works
consistently with the DSP Factory! I do not want to list well intentioned "hearsay" if I can help it :^}

Thanks to ALL who supplied info!









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