Tim Dailey's "Get an AX44 to work with a G4" Cure.

AX44 - making a cable with 20 pin IDC connectors and ribbon cable.
             This guide assumes you use care and common sense - I am not
             liable for any damage to your gear since you made the cable!
             (just a legal disclaimer  - unless you plug it in wrong or fail to
              properly insulate the foil shield you can't go wrong)

IDC = "insulation displacement connector" as in a connector you
           press into place with  no soldering.  You can find ribbon
           wire both flat and round-packed at Digi-key, as well as
           connectors, also try Newark and Mouser. These guys
           have a good selection Atex

1 - the stuff: 

     This is everything but the clear packing tape you need to wrap the

2.- crimp 
     line up carefully with the end of the wire flush with the connector
     and all the little ridges in the grooves! The red line is used to denote
     pin 1 so pay attention. If you use a "keyed" connector! (like the
     original Yamaha cable).MUST pay attention when you install this
     cable that pin 1 marking on the 2416 and the red line line up!
     Plus - at the AX 44 end  - use the original cable to note the line and
     which way it faces going into the AX44/DSP Factory.

3.- Crunch it!
     Using a small vise or (if you are good) a pair of "vise grip" pliers
     compress till you hear the "click" of the locks that hold the little
     backbar of the connector in place.

4.- Check it!
     This is crucial if you use the keyed connector with the little
     knobby spot in the middle of one side.
5.- Wrap it!
      Here you see the laid out cut to length self adhesive foil I use.
      Best not to put the ground wire in at this point as it will not
      make as good contact as in the last step. the foil does not
      have to go to the very edge of the IDC, as long as it comes
     within a couple of inches.
6.- Neatness counts!
      The foil I use is pretty thick so wrinkles are bad news .
7.-Finished with the foil
    Ready to place the gound wire and wrap with clear packing tape.
   (you could use brown just as well -or even duct tape) But the
   tape is ESSENTIAL to keep the grounded shield from blowing up
   your PC/Mac since the cable could touch one of the hundreds
   of exposed connections on your video, sound, SCSI, or DSP
8. ground it!
    strip back a couple of inches of insulation from a piece of stranded
    22 ga. or so wire that you have a fan shape of bare wire laying against
    the foil, you can use a small piece of tape to hold it down so it doesn't
    move while you wrap the insulation on. Add a lug (soldered or crimped)
    onto the other end. (about 12 inches total length should be fine)
    At this point - WRAP with plastic tape. I just lay the packing tape on
    length wise and fold it over like the foil. -using two strips as to be sure
    it is insulated.

9.-Install it!
    Assuming you have a powered case or power extension for
    the AX44.  You can feed it out of a punch out (you know all the
    useless ones they give you on the back of the case) or out of an
    unused slot.