Studio Pics

10 X 15 Control Room

with rear wall broadband diffuser
Also shown: 16 track analog 1/2 inch, 1/2 track 1/4 inch, and 1/4 track 1/4 inch tape machines.
The 32X8 Tascam 3500
console, and a wee bit o' edge of my Mackie 824 monitors.
Both rooms are on balanced power
and the Main Room has DC lighting (super quiet!).
A wall 18 inches thick separates the Main and
Control Rooms.

Here you can better see my new Genelecs(!) and the big soffit mounted 4 way speakers
that the heavy metal bands prefer!

This is the "drum nook" off the main room

With the "house drum set" Remo Drums, with the "Randall May Internal Mic System"
installed and Ziljian cymbals.

This is my 4X8 "iso" booth for time out's of unruly bandmembers as well as great tone
for harmonica and sax tracks.

That green thing is the "house guitar"- better you should not forget yours

This shows the practice PA, percussion closet, and view back at the control room.


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