Services I offer:

Tape Baking - convection oven processing to restore playability of analog reels.
                      if you have not played that roll of 456 or 250 in a few years be
                      ready for an ugly surprise.

Format transfer - move analog cassette, vinyl, VHS, HI8(audio), or 1/4 reel into the
                          digital domain and store in PC or Mac file formats that you can
                          use on your workstation.

Restoration - process material with Wavelab or Soundforge tools including
                   noise elimination, dynamics and acoustic enhancement.

Analog tracking - record a project in "total analog" with 16 track 1/2 inch multitrack
                          32X8 analog console and mix to 1/4 inch half track.

Digital tracking - record a project in "total digital" with 16 tracks simultaneous direct to disk
                         multitrack and mix to DAT or in the PC with CoolEdit Pro or Sonic Foundry
                         Vegas or SONAR systems. Of course - unlimited tracks in total count!

Overdub - bring your reference tracks and work up overdubs with my toys and tools
                (mics amps EFX) to mix in at your home studio.

Mixing - bring your tracks to mix through the DSP Factory system with much EFX
             in the PC and out, on my Mackie 824 monitors in a proper acoustically
             known setting.

CD making - smooth out, balance, and master tracks - put them on a reference
                    CD burned to total Red Book Standards for duplication - with T-racks 24
                    Waves Power Pack, and CD Architect software.

DVD Making - NEW! Author DVD discs!

  Tech Services

I ran a service center in a NY area music store for 5 years and currently do
audio repair/mod work for ABC Television in New York.

Console/mixer repair and modifications - familiar with most makes - Neve, TASCAM,
Soundcraft, Yamaha, Ward Beck, Ramsa, Mackie, etc...

Trouble shoot/Consult - Identify and fix room problems grounding issues , power condition
issues, custom wiring and interface solutions, email with me with your situation!

Outboard and Amp Repair - Fender, Ampeg, Hartke, Mesa Boogie etc...Footpedals
and rack gear as well - tell me what it is and what it doesn't do...


I can come out on site - to diagnose/repair and get a nominal fee for travel time as well
as an hourly rate to be there.