All Things Audio - Links to Schematics, info,
and advice for Recording.

Info: All about what you can/can't do with USB
         The "big kahuna" of musical info Harmony Central
          Recording gear reviews and "how to"  CMAV
          Info on "tape baking" to restore analog reels.
          The Bible of CD burning, plus CD drive info.
          Great place for acoustical supplies and info.

MUSIC: The greatest place I have yet found to show
         case your original music!
         Your stuff will be heard here - unlike so many
         original band sites .
         For forums you can't beat
         is the best ! Get to write to the heavyweights
         in recording and producing.
         Need the chords to an old Alice Cooper song?
         This place has the charts for everything -
          GuitarTabUniverse is the best!

Info on using the "digital output"of your
          CDROM drive ? Try these!
         Cable making
          making a converter for SPDIF to Minidisc
          Nice kit system for optical to spdif to CDROM
          digital out - covers all bases!

Hardcore audio: Bob Katz, mastering tips
                         Robert Auld recording theory
                        SACD and DSD explained well!

This for all around Acoustics, recording

and Gear information

An AMAZING site for audio and video gear history! Many great stories!

Modding Cheap Chinese Mics? Here is some great info and schematics!

Amp and circuit Theory - modding ideas big info source!



Schematics for FX, amps etc.:    Lepers Place
           Geo's Effects
           CJ Lectronics
Schematic Heaven

Parts is parts:  Torres Engineering
                      Parts Express
                      Radio daze (great for tube Xfrmers)
                      Ampwares (great for handles cab pts)

Rollers for your analog tape machine? This guy will remake your

pinchrollers, idlers, what have you, factory spec with new rubber!

Terry's Rubber Rollers

A Super Site for tube amp information and parts !!!!!

Triode Electronics Home Page and World HQ

Tube documentation find it here!


Great site for audio circuit concepts

This is the BEST site I have found yet for ALL
DVD info - hardware,formats, blank media,methods
great F.A.Q.'s If it is for audio or video or data go


This site is full of info on vintage guitars and the specifics
of what makes one "legit" plus a SUPER page on Fender
custom colors and finishes
Vintage Guitar Info



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