"My Blue Haze" (long over!)  - Patrick went back
to Florida. On to the next thing for me.
We did all originals with a few choice "personality
covers" thrown in. Based in Hoboken (ooh I'm
dying) and delivering full band versions of Patrick's
material, we played around the NY area
in such fine rooms as The Goldhawk, Maxwells,
Kennys Castaways, Cafe Arabica, and The Underpass.

Here we were on the cobblestone streets of Hoboken.
Patrick (left), Me, Jon, and Alan (right) Patrick is the
singer/songwriter, I'm doing bass, Jon is the lead
guitar, and Alan on drums.


A CD's worth of tracks recorded at my studio:

"Apples and oranges"


"My American Dreams"


"What Fools are Men"

"Two Choices"

"Blue Haze"


This from a gig at "The Underpass"









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