East Agony was the Life's work of Doug and Greg Auld. Two brothers who
were obsessed with the relentless pursuit of perfection long before that car company!
They were ably assisted in that pursuit by "The engine Room" rhythm section of
Bob Bartley and Steve Minervini.
I have recently been in touch with 3 of the 4 members for the first time in many
years - so expect more detailed info,  pictures, and realaudio songss  in the not to
distant future!

For those who asked "I thought these are bands you played in?"
I DID play in this band! I played bass, with Ed O'Leary on drums, in a reformed
East Agony doing all the same material some years after this version of the band.

Doug Auld - Piano and music
Greg Auld - Lyrics and vocals
Bob Bartley - Drums/percussion
Steve Minervini - Bass

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