My old friend and co-conspirator in many
musical adventures! The pic is a few of the characters
that aided and abetted in her projects, and center right
is Jessie herself.

This was an early one with Bruce M on guitar and Jason J
on bass. Herbie adding swing to the drums. Kathy on piano.
Done at Aquarius Sound in Westwood NJ.

"I'm Not Your Angel"

This was done at my first studio "Hold This" in Woodcliff Lake NJ with
Chris F playing guitars and arranging.


A raucous rendition of a Bob Seeger classic -
With Pete F on drums Richie F on all guitars and yours truly on bass.


Fire Down Below


A mellow acoustic and vocal rendition with Hank on guitar

Harvest Moon



This is fun ! Chesca songs done by two different bands and different producers!
Gives you an idea how different a song can sound .

Rebound (Rich Fusco guitars and producing)

Someone (Chris Felknor guitars and producing)


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