A chance to put my mug on the 'net is all it is!

I work all night and sleep all day in the "city that never sleeps"
well, the sleeping part I do out in "Whitelandia" (as Ron Kuby
the WABC morning talk guy call's it).  Over the hills and far
away from NYC there is the "skylands area" as they call my
cranny of Northern NJ. Where I live with my wife and son
and 2 cats 2 (huge)goldfish and the critters on stale bread welfare
who come through the property for a hand out.

I used to run a service dept at a music store out in the suburbs of
NYC called Grand Guitars (formerly Gilsonite Music) I did "trem
system" installations for the likes of The Misfits, as well as repairing
their shell shocked amps! It was a great life till the store closed and I
got into computers and broadcast television as a way to pay the bills.
Hinterland is the 3rd studio I designed and built  for myself - I have
done several for other folks as well, And consulted for many brave
do-it yourselfers on wiring/acoustics issues.

My Blue Jazz and my new blue PT!


Below is my "bassgang" ! First is a Jazz body with a USA Custom Guitars
neck and DiMarzio Ultra jazz pickups, to the right is my Phil Kubicki Jazz
neck on a Fender alder P Bass body
and Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups
and a Hot stack Duncan Jazz pickup - next is
my solid shedua fretless P-bass
with all gold hardware and a 1978 Fender P neck and Duncan Hot pickups
Bottom left is my Kubicki X Factor, and lastly, "The Hag" my late 60's Hagstrom 8-string bass.


The Kubicki is gone, sold to pay medical bills~! Doubt I can ever afford another, but I DID
get my Rics~!

The "Color of the Year 2006" Blue Burst 4003 FL


4003 Midnight Blue 2006 - Both Sporting my "Zero Mod"
custom thumbrests! I sell these for all models of Ric. see my page.
The Zero Mod Thumb Rest for Rickenbacker Bass


And my new arrivals!



A 1978 guild B301



A Chinese/Fender cross breed - Genuine Fender 1962 reissue neck on a Chinese basswood body!

My Cort Curbow - a really amazing bass for it's price. Super light!


My recently restored 1977 Hohner P bass - with MANY MANY "mods"
including a bipolar external power supply driven preamp, and DiMarzio "Split P"
and Ultra Jazz pickups - a Mighty Mite neck is on this now, as the Kubicki neck is on the
other bad boy a few photos up!

And the cool custom decal on the headstock



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