Bands I Find Worthwhile:
 Both Local and "Big Time"
There are so many great musicians and acts, and so many go
unnoticed or are too quickly forgotten. No need to be a booster
for Bowie or The Stones, as great as they are - when your Bon Jovi
record someday fails to satisfy - try some of these...
(I know this is woefully incomplete; it is the germ of an idea)

 Zen For Primates   These guys are led by the former lead singer of Another Pretty Face
                              Which was  one of the most amazing acts NJ/NY ever produced.

Another Pretty Face This is the band that got me going in music and has just released the
                              CD that all their fans have waited so many years for! Go check out the
                              site for great APF trivia and this Blog to trade comments with the Face

Drive By Truckers   Yee Hah! One sick bunch of good ol' boys! Check out the
                               epic "Southern Rock Opera".

Austin Lounge Lizards  The band I wish I had started... Great fun -  my favorite is
                               the stunning interpretation of Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage".

Uncle Bonsai           This mostly a cappella group does the all time killer take of
                               "The Star Spangled Banner" Check out clips to listen to
                               at this site. Great witty folky stuff.

Robin Williamson     This man is one half of the "Incredible String Band" (ISB) and went
                                on to form one of my all time acoustic favorites - "The Merry Band".
                                Robin still tours as a solo act and occasionally does "The Bottom Line" in NYC.

Steve Morse             This guy is (to me) one of the top guitarists of all time and are a few
                                great bands to look him up in. Kansas, Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs(best!!!)
                                and of course, "The Steve Morse Band".

They Might Be Giants  These guys are a perennial favorite, as they have the silly/sharp lyrics
                                I love - that are rarely seen outside of "folk music".

Tom Waits               The man, the legend, among lovers of blues "noir". You must hear "Step Right up"
                                and "Heart Attack and Vine".

Renaissance             This "art rock" band is one of my all time favorites and features Annie Haslam
                                on vocals and John Camp on bass. They pioneered the integration of classical
                                arrangement and instrumentation into rock n' roll. I recently have had dealings
                                with Rave Tesar, who is currently the arranger and keyboardist for
                                both Renaissance and Annie Haslam, and owns Studio X .

Kate Bush                This girl/lady/woman is not only a powerhouse performer and songwriter she is
                                soooo cute... Not in a "Bimbo Brittany" way - in a classy sensuous way that
                                only accentuates her talent! Check out her duet with Peter Gabriel, or any
                                of her records of the past 20 years.

Peter Gabriel           I loved him in the old original Genesis, and still like him as a solo star.From his
                               first solo record with "Solsbury Hill" to his current release "Ovo". Not many have
                               his degree of imagination and integrity.  His involvement in Amnesty International,
                               Greenpeace and his work against Apartheid (yeah remember that?)make him
                               way more interesting than the usual self indulgent pop jerkoffs.

Bob Sushko             "Poorbob"  is my brother's old chum, and a force of nature on the
                               guitar. If you like eyeball rattling blues axemanship see him in many clubs
                               around the New York area.

Coming soon: Guitarists who stand and deliver
                     Leviathans of percussion
                     Avatars of the bass

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